Happy Friday… first one of the year!

I have compiled my favorite images from the Umphrey’s New Years Run in St. Louis.

Once again, my expectations were exceeded with these 3 shows. There was a great connection with the band and the fans because of the intimate venue. Song selection and execution were phenomenal.

Thank you Umphrey’s for constantly reminding me why you are the best band on the planet. \mm/

Setlists via umphreys.com

Night 1:

Set One
Jazz Odyssey > Cemetery Walk, August*, Resolution -> Anchor Drops, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft**, Wizard Burial Ground

Set Two
Bright Lights -> 1348 > Dr. Feelgood$ > Cemetery Walk II$$, Second Song%, Pay the Snucka, Sociable Jimmy > 1348
* with Paradise City and I Want a New Drug teases
** with In the Hall of the Mountain King ending
$ incomplete
$$ with A Love Supreme jam
% first time played, TV On the Radio

Bayliss solo during AugustUM light rigWizard Burial GroundThe Moonrise hotel was where many fans and VIP guests stayed being that it is right next door to The Pagaent. Super swanky!Night 2:

Set One
Jazz Odyssey > Conduit, #5, The Bottom Half, Uncle Wally@, Nemo@, All Things Ninja, Slacker > Dear Lord > Slacker

Set Two
40’s Theme, The Triple Wide, Maneater*^, Night Nurse^, Plunger, The Fussy Dutchman, Nopener, Rocker Part 2
Nothing Too Fancy**
@ with Brendan and Jake on acoustics
* first time played, Hall & Oates
^ with Jeff Coffin on saxophone
** with Natural Mystic jam, including vocals

Slacker > Dear Lord > Slacker… aaahmazing! <3Full house on Night 3:

Set One
Cummins Lies > Domino Theory, The Linear > The Floor, Kabump* > Divisions**

Set Two
Catshot^ > Dump City^, Don’t Do It^, Ocean Billy, 2×2, Miami Virtue^ > 25 or 6 to 4^$
Set Three
Nipple Trix^ > Booth Love^ > Auld Lang Syne^, Let’s Dance^$$, JaJunk > “Jimmy Stewart”% > JaJunk, FF%% > Hangover, Ringo^
Puppet Strings^, Late In the Evening^
* with Rocket Queen (Guns N’ Roses) teases
** with Hajimemashite tease
^ with Mad Dog’s Filthy Little Secret horns, including Jeff Coffin
$ first time played, Chicago
$$ first time played, David Bowie
% with lyrics
%% with The Fish (Yes) teases

Bayliss during The Linear..loving the light on these ones. Thanks Jefferson.Divisions Set 1 closer.
Midnight! Let’s dance!Closing with what I believe to be the most powerful image from the weekend. Jake during The Bottom Half on 12/30/11. <3

My iPhone shots… Yep, I’m addicted to Instagram.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Umphrey’s New Years Highlights

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