Umphrey’s played the State Theater in Kalamazoo on November 4th.

I love Michigan shows. When we normally spend hours traveling to see the band, it’s so nice to hop in your car and arrive at the venue in under an hour. This theater has always been one of my favorites places to see UM throw down.

Setlist for the evening is as follows (via


Set One
Miami Virtue >The Crooked One, Wellwishers > 1348 > Morning Song, Hey 19, Divisions

Set Two
40’s Theme, Resolution* > “Jimmy Stewart”** > Eminence Front > Prowler > Phil’s Farm > Night Nurse > Phil’s Farm, Room to Breathe, Mantis Ghetts > Go to Hell
Much Obliged > 1348

Hey 19 (Steely Dan cover) > Divisions completely made my night.  Miami Virtue > Crooked One was another highlight.

Milwaukee pics to come! 

Live Music

Umphrey’s Mcgee | Kalamazoo Highlights

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