16×24 Print Winners

Thank you guys so much for the comments on my 2011 concert photo post. Your words make me feel overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to document shows and share these photos with the fans.

It was super fun to see everyone’s faves and I look forward to seeing lots of you in Detroit next weekend!

First print goes to:  Amy M

Oh man, it’s a toss up between #11 (the date should read 6/3 though- show of the summah!) and #1. My 2 fav guitarists. I think I’m gonna have to go with #1– my good old Michigan boy. Hi Abby!

Thanks for correcting my date typo as well! 😉

Second one goes to :  Ted Roethlisberger

I like them all…but for me, the “rainbow Waful” is my fave. Loved that show, and the state theater in kalamazoo is so cool architecturaly


Congrats 🙂 I’ll shoot you both an e-mail to get your shipping address. Thanks all.. much love <3

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